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Roar Marine Services, LLC


Our charter business started with M/V ROAR, what some refer to as a "Lobster Yacht" Sarah, and I prefer "Downeast Cruiser." She was built in 1960 as a working lobster boat and converted in 1985 to a shipshape cruiser. As our business grew so did our boat! We now  offer charters on M/V Patience, a Wilbur 34'.

Roar Marine Services, LLC

M/V Patience is a 1983 Wilbur 34, built in Southwest Harbor, Maine at Wilbur Yachts. It is configured as a Downeast Lobster boat with a lobster trap hauler that will add to the client experience by actually hauling a lobster trap to see how it’s done. The vessel is equipped with all the required safety gear and offers a marine head for convenience. The vessel is capable of speeds to 20 knots which makes it a fun and efficient ride.

The idea of charter service in this area of Maine is to give the charterer the full Maine experience without having to own their own boat. A charterer can see some of the most beautiful coast of Maine along with abundant wildlife from a safe and seaworthy vessel captained by a licensed skipper in a private setting. Snacks or a full lunch with refreshments are available which may include Maine lobster.

Roar Marine Services, LLC


Captain Lee is very familiar with marine-related industries and practices, including commercial fisheries, boatyard operations, and vessel operations. He also has experience in:

  • Vessel Delivery Services
  • Technical support for vessel purchases
  • U.S.C.G. Licensed Merchant Marine Master, 1600/100 Ton, Commercial towing assist and aux sailing endorsements
Roar Marine Services, LLC